RFQ# EC-10-2019-02

The Emmet County Department of Public Works (ECDPW) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to manage hazardous waste and collections from residents and conditionally exempt small quantity generators in our area at three scheduled Saturday collection events each year. Please refer to the RFP for all the details.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND PUBLIC BID OPENING: October 30, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST in the Administrative Conference Room

Additional Information and/or Questions on this RFP

QUESTIONS for RFQ# EC-10-2019-02:

  1. We don’t currently run any HHWs in Michigan. Would that disqualify us from the bid?
    — You are welcome to bid as long as you can meet the requests in the RFQ. Not having an HHW program in Michigan would not disqualify you from bidding.


RFP# EC-09-2019-06

The County of Emmet is seeking proposals for Janitorial Services at the following facilities: County Building/Courthouse/Jail, Lakeview School, Sheriff Road Patrol, Watson Building/lower level of Health Department, the public area at DPW Transfer Station and Administration Office and EMS Station 1 on Eppler Road. The expectations will be to keep the facilities safe for employees, avoid health care-associated infections (HAIs) and maintain the overall facilities at a high level of cleanliness. The work shall be completed by a qualified firm/contractor that has demonstrated the capabilities of completing such work.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND PUBLIC BID OPENING: October 28, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST in the Board of Commissioners’ Conference Room


RFP# EC-09-2019-09

The County of Emmet seeks proposals from suppliers of paper products, chemical cleaning supplies, vacuum items and other items associated with janitorial maintenance to various county-owned facilities. The vendor will be required to deliver its products to each locations minimally twice per month and/or on an as-needed basis. The awarded vendor shall provide the paper products, chemical cleaning supplies, vacuum parts, and other items associated with janitorial maintenance for a period of two (2) years; the County reserves the right to exercise an option to renew for an additional two (2) year period. The purpose of this RFP is to ultimately enter into a contract with one or more qualified firms in order to provide the necessary goods to meet departmental demands.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND PUBLIC BID OPENING: October 18, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST in the Board of Commissioners’ Conference Room


RFP# EC-08-2019-26 Container Recycling Line

This is a request for proposals to supply, manufacture, and install recycling equipment at the Emmet County Material Recycling Facility (MRF). Proposers who can provide evidence of their ability to procure, manufacture, install and verify operation of the specified equipment will be considered for this work. The successful proposer will be contracted to complete the work. The contractor will be required to complete a detailed design and present that design for review by Emmet County Purchasing Director, DPW and its consultants. Once the design is determined to be adequate to meet the needs of Emmet County, the contractor will be authorized to proceed with manufacture and construction.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND PUBLIC BID OPENING: October 2, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST in the Board of Commissioners’ Conference Room

Additional Information and/or Questions on this RFP

• RFP# EC-08-2019-26 Container Recycling Line Plans (pdf)
• RFP# EC-08-2019-26 Container Recycling Line (image)

QUESTIONS for EC-08-2019-26

  1. At page 5, can you please clarify if the County will need a “Performance and Payment Bond” and a “Labor and Materials Bond”, or a “Performance Payment Bond” only? If a “Labor and Materials Bond” is needed, is it in the amount of 25% also?
    1. I’ve attached the Performance Bond and Payment Bond statutes. Both are required for public building / public words improvements where the contract will be more than $50,000.00. The Payment Bond is what you refer to as the Labor and Materials Bond. Both require a bond of at least 25% of the contract amount.
  2. At page 17, the material breakdown mentioned that the mixed plastic weight % includes the rigid plastic pulled from the pre-sort. Does the county can advise on the approximate ratio between mixed plastic from the pre-sort and mixed plastic from the container sorting conveyor?
    1. About 60% of the bulky materials come from pre-sort and 40% come from the light fraction sorting line.
  3. Please explain how liquidated damages will be worded in the contract.
    1. It’s not possible to give an easy answer as to how it will be worded. As noted in the RFP, “liquidated damages” language would be negotiated between the parties with the final language placed into the contract. Here are some summary statements about liquidated damages in the law books:
      Liquidated damages are those that the parties have agreed to in a binding, enforceable contract. Such damages are recoverable only if (1) they are spelled out in the contract, (2) the amount of actual damages is difficult to ascertain, and (3) the liquidated amount constitutes a reasonable estimate of actual damages and is not punitive. A liquidated damages clause must fix damages in advance and be for a sum certain. Under the common law, a liquidated damages provision must be reasonable in light of the anticipated or actual harm. Parties must consider the possible breaches and the harm resulting from those breaches when drafting a liquidated damages clause. Courts will not enforce a liquidated-damages clause if actual damages are readily ascertainable and the clause appears to impose a penalty for breach of contract.
      Here is sample liquidated-damages clause:
      Liquidated Damages. Because it is so difficult and inconvenient to try to establish the loss, if Seller breaches this agreement with respect to the condition of the assets, it shall pay to Buyer, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, the sum of $[amount], which is the parties’ reasonable estimate of fair compensation for the foreseeable losses that might result from the breach.
  4. Who is responsible for the fire suppression system?
    1. There is no fire suppression system in the building.
  5. Please provide an as built drawing of the building and equipment.
    1. See *Portable Slope Bottom Bins Drawing and *Equipment Specification Drawings  ADDENDUM: See also: Emmet Rectangular Portable Container
  6. Can we provide a complete proposal without consulting our competitors?
    1. Yes, but you would need to label it alternate bid.


RFP# EC-08-2019-16

The County initiated this Request for Proposals (hereinafter referred to as “RFP”) to solicit proposals from experienced Respondents interested in managing the County’s computer network and providing information technology service support. The RFP will allow the County to identify a qualified Respondent able to plan, manage, and direct County technology initiatives in support of administrative operations at the County. Specifically, the successful Respondent will provide, among other things, hardware, network, and software support, helpdesk, backup and recovery, remote access and on-site support, email maintenance and support, data security, website maintenance and support, and disaster recovery (hereinafter referred to as the “Services”). In responding to this RFP, Respondents must follow the prescribed format as outlined herein. The proposals should describe in detail the Respondent’s ability to develop and implement the Services, while identifying the Emmet County Board of Commissioners’ (hereinafter referred to as the “Board of Commissioners”) future financial obligations for the costs of maintenance and improvements as applicable.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND PUBLIC BID OPENING: September 30, 2019 at 3:00 PM EST in the Board of Commissioners’ Conference Room


  • Is there an incumbent?  NO
  • If so, who are they? Current IT are county employees
  • Are supplies for any of the equipment to be covered by this RFP (i.e. toner, paper, etc.)  NO
  • Will further written information be made available detailing the IT Infrastructure scope, such as:
    • Network Drawings – We have and will give some limited Network drawings:
    • Site Maps – We will provide some limited Site map drawings
    • Asset list, aged or by version/release – We will provide what we have
    • Status of support coverage with existing software and hardware systems – We will provide what we have
    • Preferences for retention of current Emmet County IT staff resources, or not – TBD – respond with keeping staff / or without staff
    • Desired coverage and response time intervals – TBD
    • Point of contact for the ongoing business relationship (manager or board member or ?) Asst County Administrator at this point –until further notice
  • Will a Bidders walk-thru meeting be held? – This can be arranged
  • Can you provider further details as to who will comprise the internal evaluation committee, or how those members were/will be selected? – Not at this time – TBD


  • Does the supplier need to respond to all services named in section 1.1 or can supplier bid on 2 or 3? – They can bid on everything or individually – We will look at the whole gamut of responses and make decisions accordingly.
  • How do we go about being added to your vendor/bidder list for future needs? We will add them to our list; please keep them as well – perhaps sign them up as a potential vendor?
  • Can you please send us a copy of this pending IT/TELCOM RELATED BID, or is there a web link you can provide? On website
  • Also, what about smaller non-bid items (p-card type purchases, refurbished parts, hard to find items, end of life band-aids, etc)? –We will consider them as well as our current vendors – price and value driven
  • Does that go through the IT folks directly, or, does it funnel back around to the Procurement side??? – IT on small scale purchase – large scale involves RFP/RFQ with assistance of purchasing
  • Lastly, we are very interested in any SURPLUS EQUIPMENT you may be interested in liquidating—please be sure to forward us any lists/details!! – Watch or – those are the web sites that we use to sell off surplus IT equipment


  • Why are you seeking proposals for outside companies to manage the County’s network/infrastructure? –Budget considerations, attracting qualified employees for staffing, management review for effectiveness and efficiency
  • What challenges are you having with the current personnel arrangement that has led to this request? – See above
  • How many IT-specific personnel are employed today? –(4)
    1. What are their job roles? –IT Director, help desk, networks~ server, jack of all trades
  • Do you intend to increase or reduce the amount of IT-specific staff as a part of this initiative? –TBD upon review of RFP
  • Is Emmet County interested in investigating the possibility of leveraging the cloud either for proposed DR environments or future equipment upgrades? -Yes
  • Are responders expected to meet all requirements of the RFP? –Yes, or as many as possible – we will review all RFP’s received and make decisions based upon the information provided for further interviews or options available to us.
    1. Can there be partial awards for areas where a company has demonstrable expertise?-Yes could be -TBD
  • Can responders no bid certain portions of the RFP and still be considered for award?-Yes- TBD
  • Is Emmet County anticipating that successful candidates will be able to manage any or all components of the RFP remotely? –some maybe remote –others will require a presence here
  • Is there a requirement for dedicated onsite personnel or can existing/staff be repurposed as local smart hand for needs that require a physical touch? – Yes & Yes
  • What is your current cloud strategy? – TBD –research in progress
  • Are you looking to develop a cloud strategy? -Yes
  • Are you currently utilizing any cloud services today? Not yet that I am aware of
    1. If so, can you provide additional details? N/A
  • Can you provide details about current internet connections at all locations? Not for purposes of this RFP
  • Can you provide details about pending or scheduled internet upgrades at all locations? –Yes some fiber is being installed in some areas as part of an overall project
  • What components of management and operations will reside with local IT personnel? – TBD
  • Will all decisions be based solely on the submission of the response or will you be bringing respondents in for presentations? –TBD –we may bring in some for further questions or interviews


  • Could you please provide the current tools utilized in the environment?
    • ITSM – None
    • Remote Desktop Management – we use VNC to manage desktops within our network
    • Network/Performance Monitoring – None
    • Device Configuration Backups (switches, routers, firewalls) – manual backups of the configurations
    • Log Collection / Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) – None
    • Email/Email Filtering – Barracuda hardware email filter and cloud
    • Patch Management – WSUS
    • VPN access – Sonicwall
    • Multi-Factor authentication – None
  • What is the make/model for the following?
    • Servers – Dell / PowerEdge R620, R520, 2850, T630 and T620
    • Switches – HP, 3Com and Dell
    • Routers – Adtran and Cisco
    • Firewall – Sonicwall / NSA 3600 and TZ 300
    • Desktops – Dell / Various models
    • Laptops – Dell / Various models
  • What OS do the workstations run on (Windows 7, Windows 10)? Both Windows 7 and Windows 10
  • Does the virtual server environment run on VMware, Hyper-V, or other? VMware
  • Can you provide the addresses for all in-scope locations? Yes
  • Are there any hardware or other requirements that require physical servers?  (For example, PBX cards) – Yes
  • Do current servers have any kind of HA or clusters for redundancy? Only VM envirorment
  • Do servers have redundant network or power connections? Yes
  • What are the current environmental controls in the Data Center facilities? A/C, UPS and generator


  1. What is the current hardware of server platform – Dell rack and tower servers
  2. What is the current virtualization platform – VMware
  3. What is the current storage platform – Compellent SAN, EqualLogic SAN, EMC SAN, Cloud and Dell file servers
  4. How many datacenters the equipment are situated – 1
  5. Is there a current disaster recovery environment available – No
  6. What is the current backup software being used – Quest
  7. Is there a storage replication. If yes, what is the product name – No
  8. What are the current monitoring products being used for server, network – Staff
  9. Name of ticketing software – FMX
  10. What is the name of endpoint protection being used – Sophos
  11. Briefly describe the list of hardware product platform models for Network (data, voice, firewall), printers, laptops/desktop  
    1. Adtran and Cisco routers
    2. HP, Dell and 3Com switches
    3. Toshiba and Mitel phone systems
    4. Sonicwall NSA 3600 and TZ 300 firewalls
    5. Lexmark, Kyocera, Cannon, HP, Epson and Ricoh printers
    6. Dell, Panasonic, Apple and Microsoft laptops/tablets
    7. Dell and Lenovo desktops


  1. (3.4 a) – Are the 15 physical servers all individual machines running Windows OS or are some of these Host machines running VMware or Hyper-V? – 4 physical servers are hosts running VMware
  2. (3.4 a) – What are the operating systems of the physical and virtual servers along with version of any VMware or Hyper-V hosts? – VMware 6.7, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2012, Windows 2012 R2 and Windows 2016
  3. (3.4 c) – Are the 11 Video recording devices stand-alone head units/NVR or are part of the listed network servers? – 4 of the video recording devices are part of the listed network servers
  4. (3.4 c) – How many wireless access points and wireless LAN controllers are deployed throughout the network, and is there documentation available for each facility / outbuilding? – 22 wireless access points with 2 wireless LAN controllers
  5. (3.4 c) – How many UPS’s are there throughout the network and do any of them have Network Management Cards? – 17; some have network management cards, but are not utilized
  6. (3.4 c) – What is the breakdown by OS of the computers/laptops? – 80% Windows 7, 19.5% Windows 10 and 0.5% other
  7. (3.4 e) – Storage – The RFP states that 48TB is being used plus another 48TB for backups. Is this the capacity of the data storage units or is this the actual amount of data the county is storing and backing up? If it is the capacity, how much actual (raw) data is currently being stored / backed up on each unit? – This is the amount of actual data currently being stored and backed up at all county locations
  8. (3.4 f) – SAN – This is not specifically mentioned in 3.4a or 3.4c. Is there only one SAN? Is this handling the storage mentioned in 3.4e? Please clarify how this is integrated into the network. – There are 3 SAN’s. They handle the majority of the storage, but the rest is handled by file servers at remote locations. One SAN is connected to 2 servers by fiber channel and the other 2 SAN’s are connect by iSCSI for our VMware environment.
  9. (3.4 g) – No offsite backups – Is the goal to create offsite backup to the new data center on M-119 or implement a true Emergency Preparedness / Disaster Recovery policy and solution utilizing a 3rd party/cloud? – The goal is to replicate the backups between the County Data Center and the M-119 Building. And in the future have a redundant Data Center between the 2 locations.
  10. (3.5 b iv) – Email Filtering – Please clarify if email filtering is currently in place. If it is in place, is it a monthly service / subscription through a 3rd party vendor or is it handled by an appliance that has been purchased / leased and is onsite that has been integrated into the network? In addition to email filtering is there email encryption in place? If not, is it anticipated that there will be need for email encryption? – Yes email filtering is currently in place. This is handled by an onsite appliance and cloud service which is integrated into our network; and are paying for a 3- year service subscription. There is email encryption in place, but user must select to encrypt an email.
  11. (3.5 b vii) – Backup for existing IT staff – How many IT staff are there currently? (4) If the county decides to outsource to a managed service provider, will the number of in-house IT staff change? – TBD. What will in-house IT’s responsibilities and roles consist of? – TBD. Please provide the name of each staff member, a brief description of their skill set, experience, and any certifications or training they may have. Not applicable to the requirements of this RFP.
  12. (3.5 c viii) – Website Design – Is Emmet County looking for only consulting regarding the current website(s), or is Emmet County looking for entire new website(s) to be designed, developed, and managed, with ongoing support provided by the firm awarded the managed services contract? -Yes
  13. (3.5 e iii) – Personnel Management – Please clarify and delineate which staff the firm which is awarded the contract would be expected to manage and in what capacity on a daily basis. Would this be both county employed in-house IT staff and firm employed staff? –Yes, both.


RFP# EC-08-2019-19

The County is seeking a Bidder to supply maintain, and service Electronic /GPS and Alcohol Monitoring Equipment. It is the intent of this RFP to have the successful Bidder enter into an Electronic/GPS and Alcohol Monitoring Equipment Services Agreement with the County to supply equipment and services as outlined herein.

PROPOSAL DUE DATE AND PUBLIC BID OPENING: September 23, 2019 at 3:00 PM EDT in the Board of Commissioners’ Conference Room


This shall not apply to this RFP.

  1. Program Specific Federal Requirements: Provision of the services under the Resulting Agreement to be awarded pursuant to this RFP is governed by all the federal laws and regulations governing the disbursement of federal funds under the Community Development Block Grant program, administered by the U.S. Department of Housing Development. All the applicable requirements of Title 24 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 570 of the Housing and Urban Development regulations concerning Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and all federal regulations and policies issued pursuant to these regulations are hereby incorporated into this RFP as if stated herein in their entirety.

QUESTIONS – EC-08-2019-19

  1. What is the current cost for County owned SCRAM GPS, CAM Landline, CAM Ethernet, CAM Multi Wireless, CAM Wireless Base Station, CAM with House Arrest, and Remote Breath?
    1. GPS: $9/day
    2. RB: $3.25/day
    3. CAM: $6/day  
      1. Ethernet: $.50/day
      2. HA: $1/day
      3. MWC: $1.50/day
  1. What is the current cost for Bidder owned SCRAM GPS, CAM Landline, CAM Ethernet, CAM Multi Wireless, CAM Wireless Base Station, CAM with House Arrest, and Remote Breath?
    1. GPS: $10.50/day
    2. RB: $5.50/day
    3. CAM: $8/day
      1. Same
      2. Same
      3. Same
  1. What is the ‘Narrative Data on applicant and program’ referring to on the checklist?
    1. Exhibit II Form Attached
  1. Where do we put the Scope of Service responses?
    1. 10 Additional Pertinent Information
      1. Detailed description of information Bidder believes the County should know about their organization as it pertains to this RFP. Any other services Bidder plans to provide to the County above and beyond the scope of this RFP and associated costs of such services.
  1. Will the County be doing any installations, equipment checks or removals?
    1. The Office of Community Corrections does all installations, equipment checks and removals?
  1. Does the current provider have a local office? If yes, what are the hours?
    1. NO
  1. Is the County requiring personnel to be onsite? If yes, what hours and locations?
    1. NO


  1. Exhibit I lists a number of products and designates County Owned and Bidder Owned. Pertaining to those designations:
    1. How many SCRAM GPS does the County currently own? 4
    2. How many CAM bracelets does the County currently own? 6
    3. How many CAM landline/Ethernet base stations does the County currently own? 0
    4. How many CAM wireless base stations does the County currently own? 0
    5. How many MultiConnect Wireless modems does the County currently own? 0
    6. How many SCRAM Remote Breath devices does the County currently own? 6
    7. How does the County anticipate the order of use of County-owned vs Bidder-owned hardware? (Reference question 4b and 4c below for clarification questions pertaining to the use of equipment). The County will communicate the use of Emmet County owned equipment at the time of installation to the Bidder for their billing purposes. Proper billing for County owned equipment will be verified through the monthly invoice.
  2. Does the County make use of CAM without a base station?
    1. If so, on average, how many clients perform manual downloads without a base station assigned? Yes, currently there are 21/29 clients performing manual downloads without a base station assigned.
  3. Is it the County’s intent to continue to perform any of the following activities as it currently does?
    1. Will County staff continue to enroll clients in monitoring software? YES
    2. Will County staff continue to physically install/assign equipment to clients? YES
    3. Will County staff continue to monitor the clients for compliance on a daily basis? YES
    4. Will County staff continue to perform necessary maintenance on assigned equipment? YES
    5. Will County staff continue to physically uninstall/unassign equipment from clients? YES
    6. Will County staff continue to deactivate clients in the monitoring software? YES
  4. Article 4, Section III Compensation, Contract Period and Renewals:
    1. Subsection A states that the Bidder will be compensated “Directly by the participant at the time of services.” Is it the County’s intent to have clients pay the Bidder directly at the time of installation/assignment of monitoring equipment?
      1. This is incorrect and should not be in the RFP.
    2. Subsection B states that the Bidder will be compensated “By the County after services have been rendered. Bidder will be contacted PRIOR to a participant’s enrollment in which the County is being invoiced.” Is it the County’s intent to only have select clients paid for by the County using only County-owned equipment?
      1. No, only eligible offenders (indigent) are able to use county equipment. All other clients will use bidder equipment.
    3. If the above (4b) is not true (pertaining to County-owned equipment) will the County entertain a Bidder supplying a more detailed cost breakdown in the response that can take into account all eventualities?
      1. YES
  5. The specifications of one-piece GPS monitoring does not include a requirement for 24/7 live operator monitoring for those being monitored on GPS. Can the County please verify that 24/7 monitoring is not required?
    1. If 24/7 monitoring is required, please refer to question 4c above as further need for a more broken down cost proposal.
      1. Yes, 24/7 call center is a requirement for GPS notifications.
  6. Can the County please specifically identify in what section of the County website updates and addenda to this solicitation can be found?
  7. Can the County please specifically identify how this solicitation is classified on the BidNet website as it pertains to Industry and Subsector?
  8. The County did not expressly request references to be included in this solicitation which is standard for one of this scope. Will the County consider adding a requirement to include five current references which should include the following: at least two references from Michigan with similar size and scope, at least two references of offices of community corrections and at least two references that utilize all three required technologies requested in this solicitation?
  9. The County did not expressly request that any portions or disclosures of this solicitation be notarized prior to submission. Can the County please verify that no portions of the response are required to be notarized?
  10. Article 5, Section VII, Subsection B, Part 7 requires documentation of Insurance, specifically including the County as an additional insured. It is standard practice to include the entity issuing the solicitation as an additional insured following award. Can the County please verify that the County will accept the proof of insurance during the response portion of the process and DOES NOT require the Bidder to name the County as an additional insured without having been awarded a contract?

Property for Sale # EC-08-2019-27

The County of Emmet is accepting sealed bids for the purchase of the following real property : COMMONLY KNOWN AS VACANT LAND ON HUNTERS RIDGE ROAD, RESORT TOWNSHIP – PARCEL #13-21-01-120-034, HUNTERS RIDGE PLAT, OUTLOT A. SECTION 1, T33N, R6W.
The Property will be sold “as is” with no warranties or representations as to suitability for any particular use. Conveyance of the Property will be by Quit Claim Deed. By submitting a bid, each bidder agrees to waive and does hereby waive any claim the bidder has or may have against Emmet County. The minimum sale price for the parcel is $10,000.

DUE DATE AND BID OPENING: September 17, 2019 at 2 P.M. EST in the Administrator’s Conference Room

RFP# EC-06-2019-24

Emmet County is accepting Proposals from Certified Public Accounting firms to provide Auditing Services for the County in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Request for Proposal (RFP) for Auditing Services. The County is interested in a five-year contract with the option to extend for two (2) years on an annual basis at the County’s approval. The Audit services will begin with the fiscal audit responsibilities for December 31, 2019 and ending December 31, 2023 or if extensions are granted by the County.

The deadline for receipt is Monday, August 26, 2019 3:00 PM EDT

ADDENDUM: Page 8 B. Scope of Work – CAFR will not be required, just financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.


  1. Why is the County bidding?  Our current bid has expired. Are you happy with your current audit firm?  Yes
  2. The RFP refers to a CAFR (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report) several times. A CAFR contains three (3) sections (Introductory, Financial, Statistical) and is usually submitted to the Government Finance Officers Association for review through their certificate program. Does the County intend to issue a CAFR or just financial statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles as you’ve issued in the past?  Just Financial Statements in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
  3. How many professionals were onsite for the 2018 audit?  Three staff members How many days did they spend onsite?  Two weeks
  4. How many adjusting journal entries did the auditors typically propose?  To my knowledge, there was not a specific number. How many were audit adjustments were proposed for the 2018 audit?  There was not a specific number
  5. What was the fee for the audit for the year ended December 31, 2018?  $25,900 What is the budget for the audit for the year ending December 31, 2019?  $26,500


  1. Are there any significant changes anticipated at the County? No
  2. How long has your current firm performed the audit?  7 yearsAre they invited to bid again?  Yes
  3. What is the reason for issuing the RFP?  Our current contract expiredWere there any disagreements with the prior auditor?  No
  4. How many journal entries have auditors recommended in past few audits?  Do you expect a similar result in the next 5 years?  The previous Finance Director retired in February 2018. A new Finance Director started in March 2018 and new software and chart of accounts were implemented. This caused issues with the 2017 and 2018 audit. The situation has improved. 
  5. Have audit recommendations from the prior year been followed up on and have procedures been put in place to correct reported deficiencies? yes
  6. For audit fieldwork, how many auditors are typically on site and for how many days?  3 auditors; 10 days
  7. Are there any anticipated changes to federal programs regarding the single audit?  NoDo you expect similar programs in each of the next 5 years? No
  8. What were the County’s audit fees for the past 3 years? 2016 – $25,000; 2017 – $25,600, 2018 – $25,900Did this include additional nonattest services (services in addition to financial statement audit and preparation of the financial statements)? No
  9. What were the County’s compliance audit fees for the past 3 years?  Please include both the single audit and the Passenger Facility Charge Program (separately).  It was included in the audit
  10. It appears that this audit includes the primary government (County funds) and 4 component units only (Building Authority, Brownfield, Land Bank, and SANE).  Any other entities (such as the Road Commission) are audited separately and are not included in the scope of this RFP.  Is this accurate?  Yes, the auditor will gather the information needed from the audit for the Road Commission and Bay Bluffs.
  11. What is the involvement of the County staff regarding preparation of the financial statements? We supply work papers; trial balance and work directly with the audit staff.  The auditor prepares the financial statements (audit) and single audit; gasb etc.
  12. What is the most vital quality you are looking for in an audit firm?  Availability to answer questions throughout the year. Work with the Finance Department to improve efficiencies.  We want experienced staff and continuity. 


RFQ# EC-06-2019-28

The Pellston Regional Airport intends to select a consultant to assist in airport development projects. Interested consulting firms are requested to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). The SOQ should demonstrate the consultant’s interest in providing airport planning, architectural/engineering design, and construction administration services focused on the airport’s current Five-Year Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). 

Statement of Qualifications Due Date: July 15, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EDT

RFQ# EC-06-2019-28

RFP# EC-06-2019-30

The Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet Counties Office of Emergency Management (CCEOEM) is requesting proposals for a build project. The project is to supply an enclosed command trailer, all equipment and labor to build a custom enclosed command trailer that will meet the needs of CCEOEM. The trailer will be used primarily for on scene incident command support as well as exercise and event use. This is a build-to- order, or, turn-key project.

This trailer will be utilized year-round and will need complete walls finished with white vinyl for dry erase marker use, slip resistant flooring, insulated walls/ceiling, and outfitted with an air-conditioning and heater unit(s).

Proposal Due Date and Public Bid Opening June 10, 2019 @ 3:00 PM local time


Camp Petosega Expansion Project Specification
Issued for Bid (Service Building Bid Package #2) – 05/10/2019

Project’s primary work consists of a new campground loop road, sixteen modern campsites each with water and electrical service, new well, new septic field and a 958 square foot restroom/shower service building. Bid Package #2 – Service Building is being rebid . Multiple Prime Contract Project consists of the following prime contracts: Including all materials and labor required to complete the work identified as “Service Building Bid Package #2” within the contract documents. Excavation and Sitework, Concrete, Masonry, Rough Carpentry, Finish Carpentry, Roofing, Landscaping, Mechanical, Plumbing and Electric.

Proposal Due Date and Public Bid Opening June 5, 2019 @ 2:00 PM local time




RFP# EC-03-2019-29

The Emmet County Medical Care Facility, Bay Bluffs, is currently equipped to provide that kind of specialized, skilled nursing care to a small segment of its resident population as we stand Proposals are being solicited for the purpose of contracting with an architectural and engineering (A&E) firm to design and develop bid documents with plans, drawings, technical specifications and a detailed project construction cost estimate, as well as, provide construction administration services for Bay Bluffs Emmet County Medical Care Facility 750 E. Main Street, Harbor Springs MI 49740. This project will consist of the front entryway reconfiguration, resident bathing rooms and resident dining rooms renovations.

Proposal Due Date and Public Bid Opening May 2, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EDT


RFP_2019 Bay Bluffs Remodel_Q&A

RFP# EC-04-2019-9
The Emmet County Department of Public Works (ECDPW) is requesting proposals from qualified firms to accept for transport and processing used electronic equipment for reuse/resale and/or recovery of materials and disposal. This program will provide the opportunity for environmentally responsible reuse/recycling/disposal of electronic equipment for residents and small businesses in Emmet County and surrounding areas.

The deadline for receipt is Monday, April 29, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST


RFP_2019_Electronic Recycling_Q&A

Property for Sale # EC-03-2019-25 – King Rd Property

The County of Emmet is accepting sealed bids for the purchase of the following real property:

The deadline for receipt is Monday, April 8, 2019 @ 2:00 PM EST


RFP# EC-03-2019-15

The Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet Counties Office of Emergency Management (CCEOEM) is requesting proposals for a build project. The project is to supply an enclosed command trailer, all equipment and labor to build a custom enclosed command trailer that will meet the needs of CCEOEM. The trailer will be used primarily for on-scene incident command support as well as exercise and event use. This is a build-to-order, or, turn-key project.

The deadline for receipt has been extended to Thursday, March 28, 2019, 3:00 PM EST


Camp Petosega Expansion Project

Project’s primary work consists of a new campground loop road, sixteen modern campsites each with water and electrical service, new well, new septic field and a 958 square foot restroom/shower service building. Sixteen existing campsites are also scheduled to be taken out of service including the removal of the existing electrical and water service.

Prebid meeting is recommended March 11, 2019, at 9:30 AM EST
The deadline for receipt is Monday, March 25, 2019, 1:00 PM EST

Complete proposal and documentation
Camp Petosega Expansion Drawings
Camp Petosega Expansion Q&A
AIA Document A310


The County of Emmet is seeking proposals for the redesign and reformat of its website. The goal for the website includes, but is not limited to:

  • Improving communications between the county and its constituents
  • Promoting community and economic development
  • Supporting special events within the community.
  • Enhancing the county’s image and identity
  • Delivering e-government services
  • 24-hour access to county information, forms, and make inquiries to minimize phone calls, in-person visits and outgoing mail that would otherwise occur

The deadline for receipt is Friday, March 15, 2019, 3:00 PM EST  ***PROJECT POSTPONED DUE TO STAFF AND BUDGET CHANGES (proposals still on file; no company was awarded this project as it has been postponed with no estimate as of Nov. 2019 on when project may be revived)

Complete proposal and documentation

RFP# EC-02-2019-20

Emmet County Bay Bluff Medical Care Facility – is seeking proposals from a qualified contractor for the replacement of flooring. Bay Bluffs Medical Care Facility seeks a contractor that will provide a single source responsibility for all entailed work, which will include removal and proper disposal of existing flooring, moving furniture, shelving, office equipment and related materials. The contractor will complete all finish work such as trim, doorways.

RFP Release Date: February 20, 2019

MANDATORY WALK-THROUGH INSPECTION: Proposals will only be accepted from firms/individuals in attendance at the meeting: February 27, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EST

Deadline for Written Questions March 1, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EST

Email Questions to:

RFP Submission Deadline: March 5, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EST – Administrators Conference Room

Proposal Review: March 5, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EST

Award Recommendation: March 5, 2019 @ 3:00 PM EST

Complete proposal and documentation


RFQ# EC-02-2019-8

The County of Emmet is requesting professional engineering proposals for the replacement of two pedestrian bridges crossing Cedar Creek within Camp Pet-O-Sega with comparable post supported bridges that meet current state requirements. See the location map and attached photo for the location of the two bridges. Emmet County has received a grant in the amount of $127,100 for construction and $18,900 for engineering services. Interested Engineering firms are to be familiar with meeting MDNR Grant requirements, show that they have designed pedestrian bridges, and have experience working with MDEQ in obtaining permitting for pedestrian bridges. 

The deadline for receipt has been extended to Wednesday, February 27, 2019, 3:00 PM EST.

Additional Information and/or Questions on this RFP

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