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Emmet County, Michigan, provides opportunities for the vendor community. Emmet County participates with the Michigan Inter-Governmental Trade Network, MITN, to notify vendors about new bid opportunities.

Emmet County Purchasing has a standard that encourages open competition and equal consideration giving us a reputation for fairness with the local business community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Purchasing is to provide equal opportunity to the vendor community, while acquiring products and services at the best value for all County departments, through an efficient procurement process.

Vision Statement

The goals of Purchasing are to award the contract/purchase to the most responsive and responsible vendor with the lowest price to County departments in a timely manner, and stimulate participation in the County’s business process with current, new, and local vendors to continually reduce costs for Emmet County.


Purchasing’s role is controlling and reducing the cost of acquiring supplies, materials, equipment and services. We provide timely, effective and efficient procurement services to departments, agencies and vendors doing business with Emmet County.

Each year, the Emmet County government spends a major portion of its annual budget on the goods and services necessary to its day-to-day and long-term operations. Emmet County depends on the vendor community to provide those goods and services economically, reliably, and in a timely manner.

The County has adopted a new purchasing policy, using a formal, competitive procurement process in which we evaluate all vendors with equal consideration. After identifying a need, purchasing will solicit the appropriate members of the vendor community and beyond for pricing and purchase information.

A solicitation can take the form of: 1) a request for quotation, RFQ – used for most commodity based items, 2) a request for proposal, RFP – used for many contracted services, or 3) qualifications-based selection – used primarily for architectural and engineering services.

Upon receiving the returned solicitations, the process of selecting the successful vendor begins. This selection process may involve various criteria including: cost, delivery lead time, payment terms, vendor history or past performance, experience, location, reference checks, etc.

The successful vendor receives a purchase order for a one-time purchase, a blanket order for long-term repetitive supply purchases, or a contract when a service is needed.

Bid Solicitation Public Search

Current Solicitation Bid Events

Formal bid response documents and instructions are available through the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network, MITN, at www.MITN.info.

Individuals interested in responding to Emmet County bid solicitations MUST submit formal bid documents posted on the MITN website.

Policies and Procedures

Emmet County Procurement Policy and Procedures Manual


Emmet County participates in the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network!

MITN is a group of agencies that joined forces to create a regional bid system notifying companies that new bid opportunities are available.

Companies not only have access to Emmet County’s bid solicitations but now also have access to all MITN participating agencies’ bid information from this website. The system provides instant access to all of our bids, RFP’s, quotes, addendums, and awards online.

Vendors may register to access bids, quotes, addendums and award information by clicking the MITN Vendor Registration link.

If registration assistance is needed, please contact Bidnet. Bidnet provides all technical and customer support for the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network system and is happy to provide assistance anytime.

We look forward to providing our vendors with more bid information, less paperwork, and an easier method of doing business with us. We are excited about participating in this new system and look forward to your participation.

For more information please click on the left side Navigation menu and choose Frequently Asked Questions or visit the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network, MITN, website at www.mitn.info.

Forms & Applications

Request for Taxpayer Identification – W9

Email all purchasing forms to [email protected].

Other Resources

Michigan Public Purchasing Officers Association, MPPOA

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