Soil Erosion

The Planning, Zoning and Construction Resources Office may grant a permit waiver for an earth change located within 500 feet of the waters of the State after receiving a signed affidavit from the landowner stating that the earth change will disturb less than 225 square feet and the earth change will not contribute sediment to the waters of the State.

The landowner, where such waived earth change activities occur, shall plan, implement and maintain acceptable soil erosion and sedimentation control measures that meet the same standards as if they required a permit under Part 91, the Rules, or this Ordinance. Furthermore, the waivers provided in this Section shall not be construed as an exemption from enforcement proceedings under Part 91, the Rules, or this Ordinance if the waived activities cause or result in soil erosion or off-site sedimentation. Once those proceedings commence, a permit shall be required before work may resume.

Soil Erosion Permit Waiver

Soil Erosion Permit Application

Soil Erosion Fee Schedule

Commercial Maintenance Agreement

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance No. 14-1

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