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Zoning Permit
Signs and Lighting
Special Use Permit
Home Occupation Special Use Permit
Site Plan Review
Planned Unit Development
Accessory Building Special Use Permit
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Excerpts from Emmet County Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Permit:

The Zoning Permit Application is a form to be used for all approved uses. This form is typically used for residential and accessory residential uses. It is necessary to have this form completed and approved by the Zoning Administrator prior to obtaining a valid Building Permit.

Zoning Permit Application
Owner Authorization Form

Signs & Lighting:

For signs which require a permit (See Section 22.07 of the Emmet County Zoning Ordinance), the Sign Permit Application is required.

Sign Application and Review process

Special Use Permit:

A Special Use Permit is required for land uses that are not explicitly permitted as primary uses by the Emmet County Zoning Ordinance. 

Special Use Permit Packet

Home Occupation Special Use Permit

A home occupation special use permit is required for any business operated as an accessory use to a residence.

Home Occupation Packet

Site Plan Review

Except for one family or two family dwellings or permitted accessory buildings, per Section 2201, a complete Site Plan shall be submitted to the Emmet County Planning Commission (or Board of Appeals if so required), for the approval of any use for which a Site Plan is required by this Ordinance. (Article XXII, Section 2405 Emmet County Zoning Ordinance)

Site Plan Review Packet

Planned Unit Development

Planned Unit Developments can be complex in terms of administration. The applicant is encouraged to contact staff to schedule a pre-application conference.

PUD Checklist
Application for Zoning Action with instructions

Accessory Building Special Use Permit

Special Use Permit – Accessory Building as a Main Use Packet

Please be sure to print the Affidavit of Use as formatted (legal size -11”x14”), otherwise it may not be able to be recorded with the Register of Deeds.  Building Use Affidavit & Instructions

Zoning Board of Appeals

2020 ZBA Application (fillable online)
2020 Application for a Sign Variance (fillable online)
Steps for Applying a Variance

Reference Information

Fee Schedule
Land Split Application
Professional Firms
Township Meeting Schedules & Contact Info
Zoning Map Change Procedures
Zoning Permit Applicant instructions

Excerpts from Emmet County Zoning Ordinance:

Accessory building
Article 20.Plot Plans & Site Plan Review
Building Height Definition
Home Occupation
Land Use Matrix
Outdoor Lighting
Resource Mining.Extraction.Fill
Schedule of Regulations
Sexually Oriented Businesses
Shoreline Bluff Protection
Signs and Billboards

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