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Property search database now includes zoning codes for each parcel

(Oct. 15, 2016) Improvements continue to be made to Emmet County’s online property search programs, and the newest enhancement now allows users to view the zoning code for each property. Emmet County’s Planning and Zoning Director Tammy Doernenburg announced the addition this week, adding that her department is pleased to see the additional information being provided to the public. “I think it is great customer service to provide this information on our web site,” Doernenburg said. The “Property Search” database (under the Equalization/GIS Department’s web-page: ), now includes the zoning code for each property. The Zoning Code is listed under the heading of Land Information. The Property Class is often confused with the Zoning District, but they are distinctly different. The Property Class is the classification under which the property is taxed.

The Zoning Code is the zoning district assigned to the property by the county or the municipality, depending on who has zoning jurisdiction. The Zoning Code corresponds with a Zoning Ordinance which allows certain uses of the property. The Zoning Codes listed in the database begin with the jurisdiction: EC = Emmet County; LTT = Little Traverse Township, RT = Resort Township, PT = Pleasantview Township, WTT = West Traverse Township, COP = City of Petoskey, COHS = City of Harbor Springs, VOP = Village of Pellston, VOA = Village of Alanson, VOMC = Village of Mackinaw City.  Then the zoning district name follows – which varies by jurisdiction. Questions can be directed to Doernenburg via email at [email protected].


Emmet County residents invited to offer comment on Draft Master Plan Update

(November 2014)  Emmet County residents are invited to review and comment on the DRAFT Emmet County Master Plan 2014 update currently in-process by the Emmet County Planning Commission.

Several years ago, the Emmet County Planning Commission conducted a comprehensive review of Emmet County for its 2009 Master Plan. Updates have been proposed for that plan, including 2010 Census figures, additional development of the current Master Plan and projections for future land-use decision-making.

The Emmet County Board of Commissioners has authorized distribution of the plan and comments about the plan are encouraged to be submitted by Jan.16, 2015, to the Planning office. Please send comments via email to [email protected] or call Tammy Doernenburg, Planning and Zoning Director, at 231-439-8998.

Click here to read and review the Emmet County Master Plan.

‘Road map’ for planning and zoning projects now available to the public

The Northern Lakes Economic Alliance and Northwest Michigan Council of Governments collaborated with Emmet County’s Department of Planning, Zoning, and Construction Resources to create a document for people to use as a reference when planning a construction project or land use change in Emmet County.

The Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Emmet County is the result of a collaboration among stakeholders in Northwest Lower Michigan to assist individuals and businesses involved with construction and development projects. The introductory paragraph of the document summarizes the reasons for creating the document: In the construction industry time is money and delays associated with permitting and approvals add to the cost of projects.

“We strongly encourage people interested in development to contact the Zoning Administrator for their location prior to investing in a project,” said Tammy Doernenburg, the County’s Planning Director. “The permitting and zoning process can be cumbersome, frustrating and time consuming for those not familiar with the road map and nuances of the processes for each municipality and governmental agency. This guide will be helpful for the citizens of Emmet County and those wishing to build or change land use.”

(Click on the highlighted link above to access the document)

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