Permits and Forms

Click on the desired form below. Complete the application on screen. Print the completed form and sign. Submit electrical, mechanical and plumbing permit applications with the required fees.


PLEASE NOTE: All permit applications have recently been revised. If you have downloaded and saved any of our permit application forms prior to June 15, 2019, please replace the forms in your files with the recently updated versions. The forms provided below can be completed on your computer before printing and/or submittal.

Submit building permit applications with TWO sets of plans. Fees are determined after a review of the plans.

Energy Code Compliance

   • Insulation Certificate 2015 Michigan Energy Code
   • Blower Door Test Report Criteria
   • Blower Door Test Report

Building and Construction Permits

   • Requirements for Obtaining a Building Permit
   • Building Permit
   • Electrical Permit
   • Mechanical Permit
   • Plumbing Permit
   • Plan Review Only Form
   • Licensee Registration Form
   • Fire Protection and Fire Alarm System Plan Review Application

Permit Issuing Agencies

There are certain areas in which the Emmet County Building Construction Resources Department does not issue building permits, but may issue a sub-trade permit. Please read the Emmet County Permit Issuing Agencies list carefully to determine which jurisdiction you may be in and who to contact for permits.

Required Inspection Document

According to Section 113.2 of the state building code, the permit holder is required to notify the Emmet County Building Construction Resources Department office when any portion of the work is ready for inspection, the Required Inspection Document will list all inspection types and in what stage of construction an inspection should be called for.


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