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It is important to note that when searching for a property by address you may not access the correct property. Emmet County is undergoing a house numbering project that should correct this in the future. If you believe your property address is incorrect, please contact the Emmet County Ordinance Enforcement Department. For further clarification on any of the searches listed at the above web site please contact Emmet County Equalization.

If you are experiencing any technical difficulties please contact the Information Technology Department.
Listing of Township Numbers and Parcel Explanation PDF


The information accessed through the link below is specifically for the following governmental units that have made their record card, pictures and building sketches available for Web display. The record card information is updated once yearly, in the spring. For current ownership information, please see Entire County Property Search.

Carp Lake Township
Littlefield Township
Pleasantview Township
Springvale Township
Wawatam Township
Village of Alanson
Village of Mackinaw City (Emmet County)
City of Harbor Springs
City of Petoskey

ALL PROPERTIES in Emmet County “will not” be listed at this link. To ACCESS the LIMITED RECORD CARD Search Information CLICK HERE



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