Interactive Mapping

Emmet County is pleased to provide interactive mapping. These maps will easily assist all users in quickly viewing GIS information. All maps are labeled by map type and will enable you to zoom in and out for detailed information. For any questions or concerns regarding these maps, please contact our GIS Coordinator at (231) 348-0631.


Navigating with ‘Destination Emmet County’

Web mapping services from Emmet County allow users to peruse local properties in finite detail and evaluate topographical data with ease and speed, plus other advanced options.

The program features improved aerial landscape resolution and more searching capabilities; for instance, visitors can search for a property using owner’s name, property ID number, or street address. Another new, useful feature is the ability to print: Users can select their map and open in it in a custom template to add text and print with the county logo and a scale bar included. Maps can also be downloaded, saved and transmitted electronically – all for free. (The Equalization/GIS Department will continue to provide these services upon request; a fee may apply.)

If you have questions about navigating the mapping services or other questions for the Equalization/GIS Department, call (231) 348-0631 or email [email protected].

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