Committees and Boards

Emmet County is committed to excellence in its delivery of services to its residents and visitors. To help us maintain and improve upon this mission, community leaders, business owners, and residents are encouraged to consider serving on one of the various committees or boards that have been established in Emmet County. The Board of Commissioners appoints committee and board members from a pool of applicants. Openings occur on committees at various times throughout the year. If you are interested in learning more, a complete list of the committees and boards is listed below. Please feel free to submit an application at any time and it will be held and considered should an opening become available.

Commissioner Appointments


Blissfest Committee

(2 openings)

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

(1 opening)

Community Corrections Board

(2 specific openings) – A member who is affiliated with workforce development, and a member affiliated with services

Construction Resource Committee

(2 openings) – Plumbing
(1 opening) – Builder

Historical Commission Committee

(3 openings)

Land Bank Authority

(1 opening)

Material Management Planning Committee

(11 openings)

  • A representative of a solid waste disposal facility
  • A representative of a hauler
  • A representative of a materials recovery facility {MRF}
  • A representative of a composting facility
  • A representative of a waste diversion, reuse, or reduction facility
  • A representative of an environmental interest group
  • An elected official of the county
  • An elected official of a township
  • An elected official of a city or village
  • A representative of a business that generates material in the area
  • A representative of the regional planning area (Networks Northwest),
  • Optional- a representative that does business in or resides in an adjacent county

The Board of Commissioners is currently seeking to fill the committee openings listed above. If you feel you could be an asset to one of these boards or committees, please download, complete the application and turn in to the Emmet County Clerk’s Office at 200 Division St., Suite 130, Petoskey, MI 49770. The application may also be faxed to (231) 348-0602 or emailed to [email protected]. For more information, call (231) 348-1744. All applications will be kept on file for two years.

Liaisons to Committees

For Board of Commissioners meeting agendas and minutes, please click here.

CCE 9-1-1 Board of Directors meetings Rich Ginop
Brian Gutowski (Alternate)
Advisory Committee on Aging meetings Don Mapes
Area Agency on Aging of NW Michigan meetings David White
Bay Bluffs Board of Directors meetings Don Mapes
Blissfest Music Festival meetings Chuck Laughbaum
Board of Canvassers meetings Commissioner representation not necessary
Brownfield Redevelopment Authority meetings Matt Koontz
David White
Commissioner Reimbursement Committee meetings Commissioner representation not necessary
Community Corrections meetings Matt Koontz
Construction Board of Appeals meetings Commissioner representation not necessary
Construction Resources Committee meetings Rich Ginop
Crooked River Lock Consortium meetings Rich Ginop
Department of Public Works Board meetings Don Mapes
Brian Gutowski
Fair Advisory Council meetings David White
Brian Gutowski
Health Department Board meetings Neil Ahrens
Don Mapes
Historical Commission meetings Matt Koontz
Jury Commission   Commissioner representation not necessary
Land Bank Authority meetings Neil Ahrens
Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meetings Rich Ginop
Local Revenue Sharing Board – Petoskey meetings Matt Koontz
Local Revenue Sharing Board – Mackinaw City meetings Chuck Laughbaum
Networks Northwest meetings Don Maps
North Country Community Mental Health Services Board meetings David White
Northern Lakes Economic Alliance meetings Neil Ahrens
Northern Michigan Counties Association meetings Neil Ahrens
Northern Michigan Regional Entity Oversight Board meetings Commissioner representation not necessary
Northwest Michigan Community Action Agency meetings One staff member serves – David Anolick
Paradise Lake Improvement Board   Chuck Laughbaum
Parks and Recreation Board meetings Brian Gutowski
David White
Pellston Regional Airport Committee meetings Brian Gutowski
David White
Chuck Laughbaum
Planning Commission meetings Neil Ahrens
Chuck Laughbaum
Reapportionment Commission meetings Commissioner representation not necessary
Road Commission meetings David White
Don Mapes
Straits Area Narcotics Unit (SANE)   Rich Ginop
Sanitary Code Board of Appeals meetings Rich Ginop
Straits Regional Transportation Committee meetings Don Mapes
David White (alternate)
Veterans Affairs Board meetings Neil Ahrens
Rich Ginop (alternate)
Zoning Board of Appeals meetings Neil Ahrens

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