The Emmet County Board of Commissioners

The Emmet County Board of Commissioners is the governing body for the County of Emmet, exercising legislative and administrative functions. There are seven members on the Board, each elected on a partisan basis for two year terms from districts that are approximately equal in population. Board Leadership is elected each year by the Board which consists of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

2019 Emmet County Commissioner Districts Map PDF

2019-2020 Emmet County Commissioners

District 1 – Population 4,692

Consists of Bliss Township, Carp Lake Township, Center Township, Cross Village Township, the western part of Mackinaw City, McKinley Township, Readmond Township and Wawatam Township.



Toni Drier

4506 Van Road
Levering, MI  49755
Phone: (231) 420-6832
Party: Republican



District 2 – Population 4,741

Consists of Friendship Township, Maple River Township, Pleasantview Township, and West Traverse Township.



Neil Ahrens

5200 W. Lake St.
Harbor Springs, MI  49740
Phone: (231) 881-6607
Party: Republican



 District 3 – Population 4,180

Consists of the Village of Harbor Springs, and Little Traverse Township. The District includes the north halves of Sections 22, 23, and 24 Town 35 North, Range 5 West and Sections 25, 26, 27 of Town 35 North, Range 5 West. West of Section 35 Town 35 North Range 5 West, the dividing line between Districts 3 and 5 follows the Pickerel Lake Rd. as it travels through Section 34 Town 35 North Range 5 West, the north right of way belongs to District 3 and the south right of way belonging to District 5.  At the intersection of Pickerel Lake Road and N US-31 HWY, the boundary shifts to follow the highway to the intersection with Zaiger Rd. From the Zaiger Rd. intersection the boundary travels northwesterly to the shore of Little Traverse Bay.

Charlie MacInnis


Charlie MacInnis

8440 Blackberry Trail
Harbor Springs MI 49740
Phone: (231) 526-1557
Party: Republican



 District 4 – Population 5,119

Consists of Littlefield and Springvale Townships bounded by the Charlevoix County line in the south, Bear Creek and Little Traverse Townships on the west and Maple River Township on the north. The southern boundary is the Charlevoix County line.



Bill Shorter

6933 Driftwood Dr.
Petoskey, MI  49770
Phone: (231) 347-7478
Party: Republican



  District 5 -Population 4,890

Containing the major portion of Bear Creek Township, this district is bounded on the east by Springvale Township. The southerly portion follows the Charlevoix County line until it reaches Walloon Lake shoreline. The district then follows the lake shoreline north to Section 30 Town 34 North Range 5 West’s westerly line. The district boundary continues north along Cemetery Rd and the boundary between Resort Township and Bear Creek Township (District 6 being on the west side of Cemetery Rd and District 5 being on the east side of the road.) The boundary continues north to the City of Petoskey boundary. At the City of Petoskey boundary, the boundary turns to the east and follows that boundary as it jogs south to Sunset Rd. At Sunset Rd, the boundary turns east until it intersects Clarion Av.  The line then follows Clarion Av/River Rd in a southeasterly direction to the southern boundary of the City of Petoskey.  The district boundary continues east to the Bear Creek Township line. The boundary follows the Bear River to the McDougal Rd. Bridge. At the McDougal Rd. Bridge the boundary follows the roadway north to Atkins Rd.  Drawing a line straight north from Atkins Rd to the City of Petoskey City Limits, the boundary follows the City of Petoskey boundary to Lake Michigan. The district then follows the shore of Lake Michigan northeasterly to Tannery Creek, then continues southeasterly along Tannery Creek to N US-31 HWY. The boundary then continues northerly along N US-31 to Pickerel Lake Rd., and then continues along Pickerel Lake Rd to the easterly boundary of Bear Creek Township.

James Kargol

4141 Brubaker Rd.
Petoskey, MI 49770
(231) 489-9544
Party: Republican






 District 6 – Population 4,360

Resort Township, and that part of the City of Petoskey starting at the west city limit on the shore of Lake Michigan, Section 1, T34N, R6W, thence south along Eppler Road and the extension thereof to Sheridan Road and the south city limit, east along Sheridan Road to Greenwood Road and the west city limit, being the west line of Section 7, T34N, R5W, thence south along Greenwood Road to the south city limit, thence east along the north 1/8 line of Section 7 to the north-south 1/4 line of the Section, thence south along the north-south 1/4 line to Sunset Rd, thence easterly to Willis Av, thence northerly  Sheridan St, thence northeasterly along Sheridan St. to the Bear River. Thence northerly along the Bear River to Lake Michigan, thence northwesterly and southwesterly along the shore to the point of beginning.

David White

2572 Hunters Ridge
Petoskey, MI 49770
Phone: (231) 499-5296
Party: Republican





 District 7 – Population 4,712

Beginning at the mouth of the Bear River, follow the Bear River southerly to W Sheridan St. At W Sheridan St. go westerly to the intersection of Willis Ave.  South on Willis Ave to the City Boundary, then east to  Bear River Rd.  Follow the Bear River Rd  southeasterly to the Southerly boundary of the City of  Petoskey . Then easterly along the southern boundary of the City to the Bear River and the boundary of Bear Creek Township. Then southeasterly along the Bear River to the McDougal Rd Bridge. At the McDougal Rd. Bridge follow McDougal Rd north to Atkins Rd. Continue north of Atkins Rd following the section line between sections 04 and 05 T34N R5W. Then easterly following the City limits, then northerly following the City limits the boundary continues to the shore of Little Traverse Bay then follows the shoreline back to the mouth of the Bear River.

Izzy Lyman

1117 Jennings Ave.
Petoskey, MI 49770
(231) 758-7707
Party: Republican






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