The OSIRIS-REx Mission

May 22, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Headlands Event Center
15675 Headlands Rd
Mackinaw City
MI 49701

The OSIRIS-REx Mission- Headlands International Dark Sky Park – 5/22/24 – 7pm – 8pm – Join us at the Waterfront Event Center for a presentation on OSIRIS-REx, the first U.S. mission to collect a sample from an asteroid. It returned to Earth on Sept. 24, 2023, to drop off material from asteroid Bennu. The spacecraft didn’t land but has continued on a new mission, OSIRIS-APEX, to explore asteroid Apophis. Meanwhile, scientists are analyzing the Bennu sample OSIRIS-REx dropped into the Utah desert for clues to whether asteroids colliding with Earth billions of years ago brought water and other key ingredients for life here.

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This entry was posted on January 25th, 2024

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