Weapons Permits


The Emmet County Sheriff’s Office follows all of the State of Michigan firearms laws. For a complete list of the firearm laws please CLICK HERE

If you do not have a concealed weapons permit and want to purchase a handgun please follow the instructions below.

Purchase permit

If you are purchasing a handgun from an individual who is not a registered firearms dealer:

For a license to purchase a handgun you may stop by your local law enforcement office. You will need to fill out an application and have your criminal history ran to ensure you are eligible to purchase a handgun. You will need to bring your Michigan driver’s license or Michigan issued identification card.

Once you have purchased the weapon you will need to bring the Michigan State Police copy back to your local law enforcement office or you can mail it in.

If you are purchasing a handgun from a registered firearms dealer:

You will go directly to the registered firearms dealer. They will issue you a license to purchase at the time of your purchase. You can bring the Michigan State Police copy to your local law enforcement office.

Carry a Concealed Weapon (CCW) license information

To obtain a Michigan Concealed Weapons permit, you must first complete the required educational course:  NRA Personal Protection In The Home, by a licensed instructor. The completed certificate must state that the course complies with section 5 J of 1927 PA 372.

Once you have successfully completed the required training and have a signed certificate from your instructor, you may proceed with the application.

A CCW License application may be obtained from the Emmet County Clerk, Emmet County Sheriff or on-line at http://michigan.gov/documents/ri-012_7736_7.pdf

For complete CCW details, visit the Emmet County Clerk’s page on this subject.

Concealed Permit Information

If you have a concealed weapons permit you can stop by any of our offices to pick up the Pistol Sales Record form or it is available online at:


If you are interested in obtaining a concealed weapon permit, additional information is available at:



Frequently asked questions about handguns:

  1. Q: I recently purchased a handgun from a registered firearms dealer. Is there anything else I need to do?

A: Yes. You need to bring the Michigan State Police copy into your local law enforcement office to complete the process.


  1. Q: Do I need to bring my gun in with me to the law enforcement office?

A: No. You no longer need to bring the gun in with you.


  1. Q: I recently sold my gun (or gifted) to someone out of state. Am I all set?

A: No. Many states do not register guns and even if they do it is a different database than Michigan. When you transfer ownership of a weapon to someone out of state you need to get us the following information:

Your name and address

Weapon information

The name and address of the individual you sold/gifted the handgun to

Date of transaction

Your signature

You can drop this off at either of our offices or mail it in.


  1. Q: I recently moved to Michigan and my gun was not registered in the last state I lived in, do I need to register it here?


A: Yes. Please see either the concealed permit or license to purchase information for further instructions on how to register the handgun.




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