Case Management

Each case is assigned to a case investigator on an alphabetical basis based on the child’s father’s last name. The caseworkers are:

Letters A-G: Sheri Fels
Letters H-O: Courtney Blumke
Letters P-Z: Bill Durkalec

The investigators are responsible for enforcement of child support, medical support, and parenting time orders. The case investigators are also responsible for investigation and statutory review of support orders.

Your case investigator can be reached by phone from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Messages can be left on voice mail if the case investigator is in court or otherwise unavailable. You may also contact your case investigator by email at [email protected] as well as in writing, by fax, or by scheduling an appointment.

Case information can only be given to parties and attorneys of record. Do not ask a third party such as your parents, or a friend to request information on your behalf. Friend of Court staff is prohibited by law from discussing your case with non-parties. Much of the information provided to the Friend of the Court is confidential and must be handled on that basis by the staff.

Clients have the right to be treated with courtesy and respect by the Friend of Court staff. The Friend of the Court staff has the right to the same treatment.

LEGAL ADVICE IS NOT AVAILABLE FROM THE STAFF. If you need legal advice, you are strongly encouraged to consult a private attorney.

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