DPW Attendant/Driver

TITLE: DPW Attendant & Driver
SUPERVISOR: Superintendent
RATE OF PAY: $21.05



Emmet County’s Transfer Station and Recycle Drop-off Center is located at 7363 Pleasantview Road, Harbor Springs, Michigan. Recycle truck routes run within Emmet County’s borders and contracted neighboring counties. Delivery of recyclables to market may extend beyond Emmet County’s borders.

Job Summary:

To fully participate in the operations of the Department of Public Works as directed by the Drop-off Center Superintendent. Primary functions include providing excellent customer service while operating solid waste compactor, switching trailers, tip wall recycle materials maintenance, compost operations, equipment operation, Gatehouse Attendant and maintenance. Acts as substitute Curbside & Drop-off Site Recycling Collection Driver.

Essential Job Functions:        

  1. Tend to transfer station customers: estimate solid waste volume, assist customers, operate solid waste compactors, load mulch and compost, maintains tip wall/white shed of recyclables and compost operations, and answer questions regarding DPW operations. Perform all tasks with safety, cleanliness and customer service in mind.
  2. Operate and maintain public works equipment including solid waste compactors, forklift, yard mule, pay-loader, and recycle trucks, keeping machinery in good order and safe for operation.
  3. Direct traffic on grounds to maintain safe and efficient operations, and to encourage resource recovery. Keep the transfer station and surrounding area clean; perform grounds work.
  4. Acts as Gatehouse Attendant. Assess and collect disposal fees, operate computerized cash register, and follow County cash handling procedures.
  5. Act as substitute for Driver Recycle hook-lift truck to service recycle drop-sites in all weather conditions. Operate hook-lift in safe manner. Assist in drop-site and container maintenance. Unload containers at Recycle Facility. Estimate yardage and record weights of recyclable materials.
  6. Act as substitute for Driver of a stand up right-hand drive Curbside Recycling truck in all weather conditions. Follow designated routes, service recycling bins and carts, sort recyclables into truck compartments, operate truck safely, answer questions from residents and businesses, and maintain positive public image. Make decisions regarding driving and safety in all weather conditions.
  7. For all job functions appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) must to be worn and all safety protocol followed.


As directed by Drop-off Center Superintendent. All job functions to be performed with all safety considerations. 

Communicate with customers and businesses.

Plow snow.

Maintain familiarity with each curbside and drop site route as well as understanding your co-workers’ assigned responsibilities.

Behavioral Characteristics:

Courteous to the public, positive attitude, team player, calm under stressful conditions, problem solver, accountability, flexibility, creativity, passion, hardworking, dependable, quick thinker, honest, punctual.

Knowledge Skills & Abilities:

  1. Ability to operate trucks and trailers, pay loaders, yard mule, skid steers, forklifts, solid waste compactors, computerized cash register, assorted maintenance and repair tools.
  2. Must be able to communicate effectively with employees and the general public.
  3. Must be able to follow a route map, operate a computerized cash register, and perform mathematical computations.
  4. Excellent customer service and communication skills.
  5. Must be able to observe all safety requirements and use good sense.
  6. Must be able to follow County’s cash handling procedures and computerized cash handling.
  7. Must have a valid Certified Driver’s License (Class B) and good driving record.
  8. Mechanical skills a plus.


Education & Experience:

Must be a high school graduate or equivalent and have good reading, writing, mathematical, and communication skills.

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