Corrections Officer

POSITION: Corrections Officer
SUPERVISOR: Jail Administrator
DEPARTMENT: Sheriff’s Office
RATE OF PAY: $24.96
LOCATION: Sheriff’s Office
DATE: 11/13/2023

At Emmet County, we are a diverse group of team members who possess a friendly disposition, attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to providing outstanding services to our constituents. Understanding that our team members are our most valuable asset, Emmet County is committed to providing the best experience and working environment any team member can imagine.

Under the supervision of the Jail Administrator, a Corrections Officer is responsible for all activities relating to the safe and secure operation of the jail. This includes all inmate activities from intake to release, and various duties related directly to inmate affairs.

Cell check – makes periodic checks to count inmates, checks on inmates’ condition, and report damage to any jail property.
Searches – Performs thorough searches of all areas open to inmates to look for weapons, contraband, and damage. Also, searches are conducted on the inmates’ clothing and bodies to find concealed articles.
Contraband Control – Includes inspecting inmate mail, searches of all visitors entering the jail, and cell searches.
Perimeter checks – makes periodic inspections of the perimeter of the jail looking for any breach in the security of the facility.
Inmate Discipline – must maintain inmate discipline by writing reports on rule infractions and enforce specific punishments.
Supervision of Inmate Details – Supervises the behavior and work of inmates assigned to special details. Detail are usually related to cleaning functions.
Inmate Booking – intake process – responsible for the paperwork involved in the intake process; responsible for the proper maintenance of inmate property; performs pat down searches and/or strip searches; is responsible for obtaining photographs and fingerprints of inmates.
Release process – Responsible for the return of inmate property to the inmate; responsible for all paperwork related to release procedures; and responsible for all paperwork related to release procedures; and responsible for the proper; method relative to releasing inmates on bond or personal recognizance.
Inmate Transport: Prisons and other locations – Responsible for the safe transportation of inmates to state prisons, other Sheriff’s Offices, medical facilities, or other locations as specified by the shift supervisor.
Visiting – Responsible for processing visitors into the visiting area. This includes verifying the visitor’s identification. Visiting is closely monitored by Correction Officers with frequent visual checks of the visiting area.
Inmate Mail – Responsible for inspecting inmate mail for contraband and for distributing the mail to the inmate population,
Electronic Monitoring – Responsible for the proper operation of the computerized control panel which operates all doors, lights, cameras, and communications system; fire detection system; video recording system; and monitoring the inmate telephones.
Other job duties as assigned.

Possess good moral character as determined by a comprehensive background investigation including fingerprinting to disclose State and Federal Criminal records.

Demonstrate positive interpersonal skills while having the ability to communicate effectively. Ability to exercise independent, good judgment, ability to act quickly and remain calm in emergencies, communicates effectively in both verbal and written forms, comprehends and follow verbal or written orders/instruction. Ability to effectively communicate and interact with various types of people. Ability to perform tasks requiring physical endurance and agility under frequently adverse conditions. Performs work safely.

High School diploma or equivalent, at least 18 years of age. No prior felony convictions or other crimes that would put the individual’s credibility in question.

Successful completion of the Local Corrections Officer physical ability test (LCOPAT). Information on how to register, testing dates and locations is available at h
Successful completion of the Michigan Sheriffs’ Coordinating and Training Council (MSCTC) written examination. Information on the registration process, exam dates and locations is available at;,
Must be able to pass drug test screening for the use of illegal controlled substances

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