Juvenile Probation Officer

Status: Full Time
Pay Grade: 21.54/hr

POSITION: Juvenile Probation Officer
SUPERVISOR: Court Administrator
DEPARTMENT: Probate Court
LOCATION: County Building/Lakeview Academy

At Emmet County, we are a diverse group of team members who possess a friendly disposition, attention to detail and an unwavering dedication to providing outstanding services to our constituents. Understanding that our team members are our most valuable asset, Emmet County is committed to providing the best experience and working environment any team member can imagine.

POSITION SUMMARY: Provide supervision and guidance to youth on probation/diversion and Lakeview Academy students.


  • Investigate youth/families to identify needs and develop goals and objectives for change.
  • Supervise youth and enforce Lakeview Academy school rules and assist in discipline as needed.
  • Monitor compliance with all court orders and document case progress for case files.
  • Provide and coordinate referrals to community services/resources for youth on probation.
  • Determine and make recommendations on appropriate case plan for juveniles and families and provide written reports as requested by Program Manager and Court Administrator.
  • Participate in court hearings, testify in court for disposition and review hearings.
  • Consult regularly with families, schools, police agencies, and other professionals to monitor progress of youth and families.
  • Assist youth in identifying problems and direct them toward reasonable and appropriate solutions. May encounter situations with potential for physical risk.
  • Assist Program Manager in implementation of group activities and programming, which may include self-esteem building activities, community service programs, vocational education, assistance with homework or positive recreational activities.
  • When designated, responsible for “on call” for current caseloads, detention placements and issues with delinquent youth. Service as designated Court Officer/Referee for delinquency or Protective Services emergency placements.
  • Participate and supervise group outdoor physical activities. Physical participation in sports, outdoor games and community service projects with youth.
  • Execute daily food service tasks for students at Lakeview Academy.
  • Provide monitoring of youth, including searches, drug screens, PBTs and in home monitoring.
  • Transport youth to and from appointments and programming or school as needed.
  • Acquire familiarity with court policy and procedures and juvenile law.
  • Be available to receive calls, greet walk-ins and answer questions regarding juvenile law and court proceedings.
  • Perform job functions safely and other duties as may be assigned.

Ability to communicate clearly, listening skills, physical, ability to handle de-escalation of potential volatile situations that may arise. Flexibility in dealing with individual personalities and situations. Demonstrate genuine caring and positivity for youth.

Must demonstrate a clear understanding of substance abuse, mental health and other challenges facing today’s teenage population. Must be a team player willing to assist others with difficult client situations. Some knowledge of computer technology and learning computer input for probate/family court system. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to function in potentially high stressful and emotionally charged situations. Must be a good negotiator and problem-solving facilitator. Computer/typing skills required.

B.A. in social work, psychology, counseling or related field. 5 years’ experience in a related field.
Substance abuse counseling background desired.
Will attend following three seminars offered by the Michigan Judicial Institute: Basic Counseling and Interviewing Techniques, Juvenile Law I and II, within first two years of employment. Must be willing to work flexible hours, including nights and weekends.

Valid driver’s license.

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