Crooked River Lock

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Water Level Postings
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The Crooked River Lock in Alanson

The locks are closed for the 2017 season.

Daily and annual passes are available and must be permanently affixed to all watercraft. If this practice is not followed a boater will not be allowed access through the Lock.

$10 per day
$30 season pass

Crooked River Lock under County operation

(2012) The Crooked River Lock in Alanson is under operational management by Emmet County, in partnership with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

Emmet County has entered into a sub-lease with the DNR to operate the lock for five years. The move came after more than a year of discussions with the DNR and following the recommendations of the Crooked River Lock Consortium. An agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Emmet County Board of Commissioners, James E. Tamlyn, in early 2012.

The county’s Parks and Recreation Department handles management of the Lock.

“The agreement allows the county to provide reliable, continued operation of the lock while decreasing passage fees and extending the boating season through the lock,” said Dan Plasencia, Emmet County Commissioner, District 4, and chairman of the Consortium.  “The county encouraged this partnership, believing it will enhance recreational, economic and developmental impact in Emmet County and the surrounding communities along the Inland Water Route.”

About the Crooked River Lock Consortium

The Crooked River Lock Consortium was formed in 2010 and consists of representatives from Emmet County, the townships of Bear Creek, Littlefield, Little Traverse and Springvale, and the village of Alanson. It also includes representation from the Pickerel-Crooked Lake Association.

Emmet County Commissioner Dan Plasencia is the county representative on the committee.

The Consortium’s purpose is to look into the preservation, enhancement and continued operation of the Crooked River Lock in Alanson for the betterment of tourism and economic development, lake owners and also the boating public.

The Consortium is working with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and the Army Corps of Engineer to secure funding for maintenance of the locks, increased hours of operation and other needs as they arise.

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