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Petoskey, MI 49770-2486
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Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday

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DISCLAIMER: *Anyone with a NON-PUBLIC* case will not appear on this calendar. Contact your attorney or the court to verify your hearing date/time if your case is NON-PUBLIC.


AMANDA MILLER – District Court Administrator
Email: amiller@emmetcounty.org
Phone: (231) 348-1754

HANNAH J. MAY – District Court Deputy Administrator
Email: hmay@emmetcounty.org
Phone: (231) 348-0647

CHELSEY VERARDI – District Court Magistrate
Email: cverardi@emmetcounty.org
Phone: (231) 348-1755

KATRINA D. MARTIN – District Court Attorney Magistrate
Email: kmartin@emmetcounty.org


  • Traffic Division / Main Desk: (231) 348-1750
        • To send a fax, use (231) 348-0616
  • Civil Division: (231) 348-1751 or (231) 348-1753
  • Criminal Division: (231) 348-1752 or (231) 348-1755
  • Probation Department: (231) 348-0632
        • To send a fax, use (231) 348-0698

About District Court

The District Court is often called the people’s court. More people have contact with the district court than any other court. The District Court handles most traffic violations, all civil cases with claims up to $25,000, landlord-tenant matters, most traffic tickets, and all misdemeanor criminal cases (generally, cases where the accused, if found guilty, cannot be sentenced to more than one year in jail). In addition, small claims cases are heard by a division of the district court.

There are approximately 100 district courts in Michigan. District court judges are elected for six-year terms.

Request for Accommodations by Persons with Disabilities – District Court

Additional Court information: http://www.michigan.gov

State Court Administrative Office Approved Court Forms: www.courts.michigan.gov/administration/scao/forms/pages/search-for-a-form.aspx

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