The County Controller is, by statute, "the chief accounting officer of the county and shall have charge and supervision of the accounts and accounting over every office, officer, and department of the county, the whole or any part of the expense of which is borne by the county". Under MCL 46.13b; MSA 5.336, the County Controller must keep a general ledger establishing and maintaining control of accounts that show the assets and liabilities of the County, and each of its funds.

The statute also directs that the County Controller will have charge of the purchasing function for the County. In addition, the Controller is responsible for the operation, maintenance and repairs of County buildings and grounds.

The position of Controller is not limited to just the control account functions and building and grounds. The position is also responsible for overseeing Information Systems, Grants Administration, Personnel, Planning and such other duties as directed by the County Board of Commissioners



Martin J. Krupa - Interim County Controller