Permit Necessity Information

Permit Form 2005
Request for Accessibility Compliance Letter
Sec 1 Driveways
Sec 2 Maintaining Traffic
Sec 3 Utilities
Sec 4 Road Construction
Sec 5 Transport Permit
Uniform Transportation Permit System

1. All work in the road right-of-way

A person, organization, or governmental unit may not undertake any work within the road right-of-way, unless a permit has been obtained from the Commission. The following are examples of activities that require a permit:

  • Construct, reconstruct, relocate or surface a driveway or related construction. 
  • A proposed driveway shall not be used for access prior to obtaining a driveway permit and placing the required gravel base or surface. 
  • Install public or private utilities. 
  • Cutting or removing of trees. 
  • Landscaping, grading, ditching, and ditch clean out

2. Change in use

Changes in the use of a driveway or property abutting a road, may require changes in the number, design or location of driveways. The property owner or owner’s representative must obtain a permit from the Commission, for the type of driveway for the new use, and will make all necessary improvements required to satisfy the specifications and standards of the type of driveway required for the new use.

The following are examples of change in use:

  • Single Family Residential to Multifamily Residential
  • Residential to Commercial 
  • Residential to Access or Haul Road 
  • Field Entrance to Commercial, Residential or Access or Haul Road 
  • New home construction including modular and mobile homes (The Building Department will not issue a building permit without a driveway permit.)

3. Existing Driveways

Commission personnel will do an onsite inspection to determine if the existing driveway satisfies the permit requirements for the intended use.

No improvements needed or planned 

  •  If the existing driveway satisfies the permit requirements for the intended use and the applicant does not intend to do any work in the road right-of-way, a permit can be issued for “NO IMPROVEMENTS REQUIRED.” Because no work will be done or is authorized in the right-of-way under this permit, there is no need for contractor information and signature. A new permit must be obtained when and if work is to be done in the right-of-way.

Improvements required by the Commission or planned by applicant

  •  If an existing driveway does not satisfy the permit requirements for the intended use, the applicant will be required to make all necessary improvements as a condition of the permit. Contractor information and signature are required for issuance. 
  • If the applicant plans on making improvements to the existing drive or working in the right-of-way, the work must be authorized by the permit. All improvements to driveways shall be per the “ECRC standards and specifications”. An existing driveway shall not be resurfaced or paved without conforming to all specifications such as culvert requirements, driveway dimensions, driveway profile, drainage, etc. Contractor information and signature are required for issuance.

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