Animal Control


For the Animal Control Officer to respond to complaints call 911.

Emmet County Stray Center 
Location: The Bay Area Pet Resort
4039 Charlevoix Ave. (next to Jensen's Animal Hospital)
Phone: 231-348-5550

Animal Control Officer follow up on reported complaints and questions, call 231-439-8900.

The Emmet County Sheriff's Department has been involved in Animal Control duties since 1976. State law mandates that all dogs must be licensed in their county of residence and have current rabies vaccinations. It also states that all dogs off of the owners property must be on a leash except while hunting.

Emmet County currently has one Officer in the full time position as Animal Control Officer. His responsibilities include but are not limited to: animal bite complaints, stray dog complaints, wild dog complaints, kennel inspections, cruelty to animal complaints, among other related animal complaints.

For nuisance live trapping and wildlife removal, seek information in the yellow pages under pest control for assistance.

All personal owned animals to be turned in must go to the Little Traverse Bay Humane Society on West Conway Road.